Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Last day for finishing font creation

You are working at fontstruct.com creating your font.

You must create a full set of letters (26 capital letters and 26 lower case letters) that all have the same style.  They must look like they are the same font.  Browse this gallery of fonts to get ideas and to see examples.  Notice how the style of each letter is similar.

After you create each letter click on the save button to save your work.  If you do not save regularly and the computer freezes then you will lose all the work you did since the last save.

You are to be working on this project the entire class period.  Do not work on other missing/incomplete assignments.  This class time is for working on this project.  No one should be finished at this point.  If you have done all 52 letters, then you need to spend time editing/improving your font.

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