Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Extra Credit

If you did not watch the special last night, then you can not do the extra credit.
If you are not doing the extra credit assignment, then you need to finish any other incomplete work.

You need to have a grade of seven (7) or higher on all eight Google assignments to get credit in this class. Log in to Schoolloop and make sure that you have all eight of those assignments completed with a grade of at least seven (7).

For the extra credit, you must address all of the following points.  Organize your responses into paragraphs.  Include at least 1 picture.

Have you seen any David Blaine specials before?
Do you like magic?  Why or why not?
Did you enjoy watching the special?  Why or why not?
What were your favorite illusions or stunts that he performed on the special?  Why?  Include the details of the illusion.
What was your least favorite illusion performed on the special? Why?
Make a list of all the celebrities that appeared on the special.
What celebrity (from the special) do you like the most?  Why?
Would you watch David Blaine's next television special?  Why or why not?
On a scale from 1 to 10 (10 being best) what would you rate this special?

Title the blog post "Extra Credit."

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