Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Creating a font

Fonts are a part of all of our lives.  Websites, books, magazines, street signs, written DMV driving tests, CAHSEE all use different fonts for displaying words and numbers.  For the next several days you are going to be creating your own font (font examples- ArialCourier,Times). 

You will be going to this site. 
You will sign up using the email account that you use for this class. 
Use the same password as your email so you won't forget it. 
You will be sent an email with a link to complete your free registration on the site (the email takes a few minutes to arrive in your inbox).

You will then proceed to create your own unique font. All 26 capital letters and all 26 lower case letters will be done by you.  Make your letters look like they are related.  Do not randomly (sloppily) design your letters.

Name your font anything (school appropriate) that you want.

Make every capital letter the same height (at least 10 blocks tall).

Use the tab menu- view- extra guides to set up a guide for the height and the width of the capital letters.  All capital letters will be the same height.  They will start on the baseline and be as tall as you determine (at least 10 blocks tall).  

Use the tab menu- view- adjacent characters to see the already created letters.

You can use the tab menu- edit- copy/paste to save time in creating some letters.  For example, after creating the capital O, copy and paste it onto the space for the capital Q.  Then, add the tail for the Q.

This will be a several day process.  I will inform you as to how you will be turning this assignment in.

Be creative and take some time to create each letter.  "Sloppily done, quickly thrown together with little thought" fonts will receive grades closer to zero than 50 or whatever this assignment ends up being worth.

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